Bridget Collier

Experience:8 Years


Bridget Collier

Personal Trainer


(This was me when we did our first daytime session back in 2015, and this is me now!)

In the tenth month of 2015, my life changed forever, I lost my youngest son Jamie.

When Jamie passed away, it was truly the worst time of my life; everything I had known had been blown apart. I couldn’t sleep, I cried all the time, I literally comfort ate my way into a pre diabetic state, (acceptable blood counts levels were around 42, I was at 48.) I had hot flushes galore, my body went into melt down and my periods stopped.

I was so lucky to have access to The Fit Box and decided to get back to working out, I remember that first session back my goodness did it feel good (it didn’t the day after though), it was the weirdest thing every time I exercised I felt like I could cope, exercise became my antidepressant.

I then went back to work and started my Wednesday morning classes again, helping mums achieve great things and seeing them get stronger and stronger gave me a purpose, and I am so grateful for that.

So fast forward a couple of years, and #sweat has been created. Taking the first step is the hardest thing, but we are here for you.

Qualifications & Training

  • YMCA fit CYQ Gym Instructor
  • YMCA fit CYQ Outdoor Fitness
  • YMCA fit CYQ Suspension Training
  • YMCA fit CYQ Padwork for PTs
  • YMCA fit CYQ Circuit Training
  • YMCA fit CYQ Exercise for Older Adults
  • THE FIT BOX PHYS. ED. Small Group Training
  • THE FIT BOX PHYS. ED. Kettlebell Training
  • THE FIT BOX PHYS. ED. Pre & Post Natal
  • THE FIT BOX PHYS. ED. Super circuits
  • Soho Gyms Academy Certificate in Personal Training
  • Soho Gyms Academy Exercise Nutrition
  • Soho Gyms Academy Fitness Testing
  • Precision nutrition level 1 sports and exercise science